Sep 19, 2013

Dusting Mindy Kaling and Other Stupid Things I Do for my Husband

I'm dusting Mindy Kaling, again, and thinking, again, about all the stupid things I do for my husband and figured it's probably worth a blogpost.

First, I'm not sure how I feel about my husband tacking a magazine picture of a beautiful actress (Mindy Kaling) on the wall above his desk, but while I'm thinking about how I feel, I have to keep it dust-free.  Y'know, to match the rest of the house office.

While I'm dusting, I'm thinking about all the junk we collect and keep.  Forever. And the motive behind each object, which, really is for my therapist, not my blog.

Over a year ago, we began building a 600 square foot apartment in which to live for awhile.  My motive to downsize was to be forced to get rid of all this junk.  (see above photo)  Due to hoarding unplanned issues, we put the apartment on hold for a bit and we continue to live surrounded by 4,000 square foot of junk.

In the meantime, I've become a serious student of Marcia Ramsland and her "Simplify Your Life" master plan ( where her delicious and promising motto is
"Keep what is working, change what is frustrating."

I know! Right?  {face palm}

Who knew it was so easy?   So....
should I toss Mindy Kaling out the window and never dust her again?   Or.....

..... maybe if I keep dusting Mindy Kaling, just maybe my husband would start dusting my beautiful knob collection for me?

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Jen said...

I never knew you had a knob collection....interesting stuff!