Nov 22, 2013

One Faux Pas Away from Becoming a Meme

Every time you step out your front door, you are just one faux pas away from becoming a meme.

The old school risk of doing something embarrassing only to have the mean girls giggle around the lockers the next day has become a much larger risk.  Over a billion cameras in mobile phones and tablets were shipped in 2012.  2013 will surpass that by far.  It takes a literal minute to snap a photo and put it on the Internet for the entire world to view.  It takes just a few minutes more to upload it to a Meme Generator and slap a snarky remark on it.

The natural next step is hands free photography.

Google's Glass, a wearable camera designed for the public and currently in test mode, should be released in 2014.  Glass is developed to operate via voice commands, head movements and taps on a control panel.

Imagine the apps that will be developed for this -- apps that provide travel and historical information about your view, birding apps (Tom!), horticulture info., and yes the inevitable, face recognition apps, which will be great for Aunt Bertha with her dementia.

After app development for Glass, legislation for privacy protection is going to have to come into the picture.   Face recognition could be very damaging in the wrong hands..... creepers, stalkers, abusive husbands. 

Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that privacy is no longer a social norm.  How do you feel about that?

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Jerry said...

Privacy was never an issue with the IRS.