Dec 30, 2013

How Healthy are the Products You Use Everyday? GoodGuide App Helps You Buy Smarter

I've recently been concerned about the everyday products I ingest through the air or through my skin everyday such as makeup, lotions, hair products, air fresheners, candles, etc.  Things we don't usually think much about, but use repeatedly.

Trying to buy smarter is challenging.  It takes a chemist to interpret ingredients listed on a label.  It takes a lobbyist or activist to interpret a company's environmental stance.

Not anymore!  Try the GoodGuide App.  This app has all the product information you want with the touch of a button.

I just downloaded the GoodGuide app and scanned my Crest Toothpaste.....
  The toothpaste received an overall rating of 5.7.  5.0 for Health, 6.2 for Environment and 5.8 for Social.

Here's the report on my Crest toothpaste:

Human Health:  This product contains ingredients that raise a low level of health concern.
Society:  This company's social policies, practices and performance place it among the best 50% of companies rated by GoodGuide.
Environment:  This company's environmental policies, practices and performance place it among the best 50% of companies rated by GoodGuide.

All the ingredients are listed, then they are marked "High Concern," "Medium Concern," "Low Concern," "Safe," "Controversial" or "Below Threshold."

None of the ingredients in my Crest were of high or medium concern, the following were marked as low concern:  Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Benzoate, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Saccharin (!! I've been avoiding artificial sweeteners... or so I thought), Benzoic Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Hydroxide.

The following was marked below threshold:  Ethyl Alcohol and everything else was marked safe.

GoodGuide then gave me a list of ten alternative products that would be better for me and my world.  (I am going to try Miessence Organics Mint Toothpaste.... if I can find it.... if I can afford it....)

GoodGuide also gave me a list of alternatives under the same Brand, Crest, which I think is a very nice feature to promote Brand Allegiance.  I think we should be intentional which companies we support.

You can picture me today running around my house scanning everything in sight, gasping in horror and making new grocery lists. 

I hate the say the phrase, but I'm going to..... If you are making the traditional New Years Resolution to be a better person, let the GoodGuide app make it easier for you!

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