Oct 24, 2014

Danny DeVito in Steal My Girl Video with One Direction

The tiniest flicker of hope for humanity rising up out of the ashes and smoke of what America used to be has brought me out of my hibernation for a quick gasp of this beautiful, pepperminty-cool, life-sustaining fresh air before it dissipates.

Any guesses?

It'll surprise you.

You can let your kids watch it.

It's Steal My Girl by One Direction. 

Actually, it's the video for the song.

Before you watch it, let me comment that it is a wholesome love song you haven't heard in a few decades.  It is encouraging and sweet, and will elevate your spirit for high school sweethearts worldwide.  It is naive and pure with no vulgar language or scenes, it doesn't objectify anyone.  And it is creative.  Somebody, somewhere put on their creative hat and resisted the urge to paint their canvas with the filth our artists have been using with lazy lasciviousness recently.  Bravo!

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