Jun 18, 2015

Win a Pair of Adlens Sundials Adjustable Sunglasses

Summer Fun in the Sun

Package Give Away

$58 value includes Sundials, sunscreen, beach towel and a magazine.

Contest is over, Fern has won the package.
Thanks, Lois, for your comments as well.

Simply leave a comment about what you do for Summer Fun in the Sun and you will be entered in the random drawing for this Summer Fun Package donated by Adlens.  You must be 18 years of age or older to enter this contest.

Winner will be chosen on Sunday, June 28th and notified in a blog post on Monday, June 29th.

I was approached by Adlens Sundials™ to review a pair of adjustable sunglasses, a concept in eye wear that I didn't know existed.  I was very intrigued because I currently use prescription bi-focals, readers, sunglass readers and sunglass bi-focals.  If I'm outside, I'm wearing sunglasses -- I'm one of "those" types of people.   I had perfect vision until I hit 40 and it's been downhill every since.

With Adlens Sundials™ you can see up close, into the distance and all around you, at the turn of a dial. These sunglasses can instantly go from poolside readers to longer distance glasses, from -6D to +3D diopters.  They have UVA and UVB protection and a single pair can be adjusted to improve vision for 90% of eyeglass and contact lens wearers who do not have astigmatism.

Within hours after receiving my package in the mail, I took the Sundials out for a trial.  I thought they might look goofy, but they didn't.  (I'm thinking about purchasing the John Lennon Sundials and they really might look goofy, but fun.) 

I loaded my kayak and jumped in the truck.  The power of each lens is varied by moving two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates via a dial on each upper corner of the glasses.  I reached up and twirled the dials into place so I could see far in the distance as I drove to the lake.  My eyes are different so I adjusted each lens accordingly.  That was a big advantage of these sunglasses over regular bi-focal sunglasses....

I quickly discovered these are not good for driving.  I could see things far away, but the closer objects were blurry.  I set them aside and wore my regular sunglasses.

Once in the kayak on the lake, I adjusted each lens again for long distance and began paddling.  Again, I did not like using these for long distance.  No problem.  I switched again and paddled out to watch the sunset and read my free magazine.

The Sundials worked great for reading.  I adjusted them once and read for about 30 minutes, watching the sunset, on the kayak, in the lake.  You know it.  They were great.  Every now and then I would raise my head, peek at the sun and smile.

But for the paddle back to the dock, I ended up wearing them like this:

So I could see my paddles and boat and also see into the distance. 

A week later, I took the Sundials on a cruise and let a thirteen year old use them.  He loved them.  He currently wears prescription glasses, but could not afford prescription sunglasses.  I let him try the Adlens Sundials and they worked well.  He was so happy.  

Another good reason to shop Adlens:  Currently, for every pair of glasses purchased from The John Lennon Collection or Hemisphere Sun and Optical ranges, Adlens donates a pair of sunglasses to someone in the developing world through the Buy One Give One Program.

Summary:  I will not wear Sundials kayaking or driving, but will wear them while reading by the pool or ocean.  I found that I didn't want to take time to dial them often.  Sundials are great for someone with regular prescription glasses who does not need bifocals.  My pair was very lightweight and comfortable.

Also?  If you win the prize, wash the towel alone the first time.  A lot of white fuzz came off it and got on my other clothes.  It's really soft though.

Disclosure:   I participated in this campaign for Adlens. I received a free Summer Fun in the Sun package to facilitate my review.  Adlens is also providing the winner's Summer Fun in the Sun package at no expense to me.  All opinions stated are my own.


Lois said...

I'd like to learn to paddle a kayak with you, Val. Hope to see you when we go up to Greenville! Love the review.

Lois said...

I'd like to learn to paddle a kayak with you. Hope to see you when we go up to Greenville. Loved the review. Did this not post the first time?

Fern said...

You look great in the glasses! I love to kayak in the summer and hang out at the beach with my best friend (Poofie), does that give me extra points?