Aug 6, 2018

52 Weeks: Essential Oils

I've added essential oils to my life and I've really been enjoying them.  I can't say that they actually help with my health though, I can't tell.  But I love using them - they smell good and seem to be beneficial to health just because of what they are.

I purchased a box of roller ball bottles with labels from Amazon.  I purchased this oil diffuser.  This is my second one.  My first had a wood look and was beautiful, but it started making a noise when it was running and I had to get another diffuser.  By that time, the wood looking one had gone way up in price and I couldn't afford it.  So I got this one, which is OK.

After googling essential oil recipes, I've mixed some up and am using my roller ball to apply.  I have one mix for headaches, one for energy, one for immunity aid and one for allergies and colds.  I'll make more soon.

I get my oils from Plant Therapy and once in awhile from Young Living.  The quality of your oils really matters and differs between companies.

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