Oct 18, 2018

52 Weeks: FASTer Way to Fat Loss

So.... I did it. I signed up for six weeks of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program with Coach Patti Holsenback.  #FWTFL

There is a big learning curve, but Patti is patient and very good with instructions. Also, the first week is all about learning, you don't start the work for real until the second week.

I never had trouble with fat loss until I was in my forties and then it became a real problem. But this program is great, I feel great and am not usually hungry.

Patti also is a certified Pre- and Post- Natal Fitness Coach and Nutritionist. She works to improve diastasis recti, incontinence and more. She also hosts a strong core / strong mom workshop, offers free downloads, writes a column for a local newspaper and has a blog that she occasionally remembers to write on.

Speaking of Right-On!

This wellness thing has been working out great, the year just gets better and better.  I've experienced better wellness all year long, I really feel great.

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