Nov 26, 2020

Blue Ridge-less Parkway, Boone NC

 When you can't see the Blue Ridge . . .

My folks came up to join me for Thanksgiving dinner.  I took them up to my favorite outlooks between Linville and Boone on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Everything was covered in clouds, it was gorgeous. At over 4,000 feet, we could look down upon the clouds and just about scoop them up with our hands. And of course, being Thanksgiving, we thought they looked like whipped cream. Then we wanted some pumpkin pie. Which we'd already had. But still.

A Thanksgiving dinner at the Dan'l Boone Inn is a must. Or anytime of year, if you're in the area, stop in for some outstanding homestyle cooking.

In these three posts on the Wilson Creek overlook, isn't it amazing how different it looks each time? Always a surprise. I'm loving Boone, but missing my kids.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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