Feb 27, 2024

The Overriding Providence of God

As I enter week 2 of my physical suffering with intense pain, I ponder about the spiritual aspect. I have been seeking a reason God would allow this suffering to continue.

I certainly believe in natural consequences and inconveniences in life but I equally believe in spiritual consequences and the spiritual aspect of our everyday commonplace moments.

I found an interesting phrase in a devotional about forgiveness written by the late Dr. Jack Hayford. Coincidentally, I have been wrestling with forgiveness for 3 weeks. Forgiveness and its impact on reciprocity.

For example. I treated these people well, they did not treat me well, do I just move on or continue treating them well? I know the general Biblical answer and the specific answer for this specific situation. (I need to forgive and continue trying to be kind, even generous to them.)

So this devotional on forgiveness in my inbox caused me to pause.

And I found this interesting phrase that I had to dig into.

"... pure faith in the overriding providence of God."

And it brought me back to my current suffering in pain.

With this physically painful situation that I have done everything in my power to resolve, do I have faith in the overriding Providence of God?

Let's define those words.

Overriding. 1. More important than any other consideration. 2. Extending or moving over something especially while remaining in close contact.

Providence. 1. The protective care of God. 2. God as providing protective or spiritual care. 3. Timely preparation for future eventualities.


Do I have faith in the overriding providence of God regarding my physical suffering and tremendous, extended pain?

Can I rest in this moment of my life? Can I stop fighting for resolution and accept that God has my best interest at heart and that He is aware of - and possibly has planned for - this suffering?

If I accept that, what changes? 

What if the suffering is not the result of natural circumstances in an earthly environment? What if it was purposed by God? 

Can I believe that God is good?

Because I definitely do believe that. So can I believe in his overriding providence? That He is in overriding control and that I am in His protective care?

I can. I do.

That removes fear. That removes my furious, all-consuming efforts to remove the pain. That redirects my focus from self to God. Even, shall we say, from self to others.

Can I rest in this pain?

Take it a step further.... Can I serve in this pain? Can I be a blessing? Can I be faithful?

I must. And it should be natural, supernatural really, not forced or coerced. It should flow.... Rise above the suffering. 


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Anonymous said...

Val, you are a blessing always, to me and many others. The fact that you can dig deeper for a meaning to this pain and that it has made you “check” yourself, may be the lesson alone. I pray that relief and a new appreciation for being pain-free come quickly!