Mar 14, 2008

Boston: Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice is a restaurant in Boston located a few blocks off the Commons. We stumbled upon it Sunday afternoon after walking many, many, many, many blocks looking for someplace to eat. They were having their Sunday Brunch and a local TV crew was there doing footage for a foodtv special. What is it with me and tv crews in Boston? I was there in 04 and got on the Chris Matthews show, actually had a conversation with Chris on live tv.
So here we are, 4 years later, getting in some background shots at the Fire & Ice. To the left, you see Patti's pancake. She sure looks surprised at how big it is. Wuttapancake.
At this restaurant, the buffet tables feature raw foods -- meat, vegies, pasta, fruit, granola, tons of sauces, etc. You fill your bowl with whatever you want and take it to the guys at the huge round grill located in the middle of the restaurant. They toss everything on the grill and cook it for you while you watch.

To the right you see a woman
throwing her cheese on her burger.
The cheese is mid-air between the two chefs.
(It narrowly missed her burger.)
Here is Tom S. with his pancake. He looks more
resigned than happy, doncha think?

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