Mar 16, 2008

Letting Go

Is it possible she's a college grad heading off to law school? I remember 17 years ago thinking,
"I can't possibly let her climb on a bus and go off to school without me. How is a mother supposed to do that?!"
Just a few years ago as she climbed into her blue minivan,
"How can I just let her drive away without me? What if........"
And now?
"How can I let her move to Boston without me? How is a mother supposed to do that?"
I know it's good. It's right. It's healthy.
I know I should be proud, and I am.
But how am I supposed to let her go?
Look at her. You see a 22 year old beautiful, successful, brilliant, socially conscious future advocacy lawyer interested in international human rights or stopping domestic abuse, raising a daughter of her own, teaching a Sunday School class.....
I see my baby. And once again, I have to watch her get on a bus and go..... without me.
I'm so very proud.... but... how do I do it?

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JMaslar said...

You are so right, but you have to be brave as a mother bird. She pushes her baby chicks out of the nest when the time comes...just as God tod her to do.

Now, and only now, You can know our sorrow when we left you at TTU. We cried all the way home, 5 hours.