May 9, 2008

The Bachelor

Patricia Danielle Sliker, Bachelor of Arts
Cum Laude
My baby done did it. She got her a college education and is bound for law school.
Isn't she something!

Look how she stands out in a sea of graduates. I was how many hundreds of feet away, way up high in the stands, yet she knew to pose for the perfect picture. That's my girl.
I'm so proud of her. She's done an excellent job. The four years flew by.
We are busy celebrating all weekend, lots of company, lots of food, lots to do. I'll have more details, pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I know you are all on a cloud! I'm so happy for you, Patti, and I know that only good things will continue to happen for you!

Ms. Debra

david said...

Congratulations Patti!!!!!
We sure are proud of you. When you graduate from law school, I have some pesky parking tickets that maybe you can help me with ;).....just kidding.

Congratulations again Patti!