May 8, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow?

We are very excited as we watch our little garden grow. Eva and I planted the 'maters and she is responsible for watering them. Tom strapped them to posts to keep them upright. It is a joint endeavor and we are salivating at the thought of slapping one of those babies into a BLT sammitch.
Meanwhile. . . I visited the Steen family a few days ago. They are alive and well in Lugoff. I can't link to their website or blog for some odd reason. They were pretty excited because Jimmy was baptizing Jordan the next day. See.... just look at his face... it just screams excitement. (he was sick)

Turns out Eva is smitten with rows and rows of books at the library.

Go figure.

Who's she get that from??

So we spent an afternoon at the Columbia library and check out her assigments for carrying the books to the car. I made out pretty good on that deal.

We are preparing for a big weekend. Patti graduates from USCA tonight!!! She will start law school in August. She's shown here taking a break from her studies and terrorizing the Barbie dolls with a pack of dinosaurs.

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