May 13, 2008

Can Someone Please Explain

Why does one have to lock and chain one's Mr. Clean?
I mean, really, who would steal Mr. Clean?
And if someone did steal Mr. Clean, isn't it like stealing a Bible, like maybe the thief needs it more than you?
Did you know "Mr. Clean is known as Mr. Proper in Europe, probably to avoid confusion with Mr. Sheen and Mr. Muscle. In Spain, the name changed from Mr. Proper to Don Limpio (limpiar is the Spanish verb for "to clean"), while in Mexico he is named Maestro Limpio (Master Clean). In Italy he is named Mastro Lindo (Master Clean, as in Mexico), in Germany Meister Proper, in France Monsieur Propre."
So.... can someone please explain why one would have to lock up Maestro Limpio?


Anonymous said...

OMG - I have some closets and drawers that need to be cleaned out; you seem to have too much time on your hands, Senora!

(he he just kiddin'!)

<>< Debra

JMaslar said...

I watched that game with great interest and am now looking to see if I can buy a bat for my very own.
I called Mattel and they are checking to determine if there are any more mongo bats around. I even asked for the tooling if they still have it. I am forever a mongo fan!