Jun 24, 2008

The Hog Family

So. . . a few nights ago I went to the Olive Garden with my parents, sister, and my brother's family. I knew my parents love the Olive Garden, but I always figured it was the salad and breadsticks that lured them in. - - - - Silly me.
It is the after dinner mints for which my parents pine.
When our meal was complete, I heard mother and father joking with the waitress, "there'll be a little something extra for you if you get us lots of mints." ha ha ha. and "we drove all the way from Charlotte just for your mints." hee hee hee. A very sinister laugh. Spoken like it's all in jest, but she knew her life was in the balance.
So our waitress, bless her heart, brought us this huge takeout bag with tons of chocolate mints. I was stunned.
That's a lot of chocolate mints.

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Anonymous said...

And the sad part is they're gone!