Jun 25, 2008

Weekly News Digest

I don't pay much attention to the top news stories listed on google or yahoo as I carouse the internet. But when The McDonald's Diet story caught my eye, I began to peruse the "top stories" list everytime I logged on, just for fun.
So... as a bonus feature to jazz up my blog. . . I've decided to keep a running tally of my favorite news stories, then publish a "weekly news digest" post, which won't actually be "weekly." Maybe this will help you, my loyal reader, to get the top of the top news stories without wasting much time.
1. Ben Franklin to wed Betsy Ross on July 3. The link. This looks like a perfect match, I have to say. And imagine what a hoot the wedding will be. Hmmmm...read a book or go to the Franklin/Ross wedding . . . decisions, decisions.


2. NY Swindler is on the lam. The link. A good old fashioned con man, that makes a good story. It's been way too long since we've enjoyed one of these. If you look at his picture - he looks just like a con man should look. He looks like a smooth talker; looks like you couldn't believe a word he's saying. I wonder why anyone did?

3. 207 Freeze in Place at Grand Central Station. The link. I wanna do something like this! I only need about 200 people to join me. Sign up via email and leave suggestions on a location.


4. Bored of your Life?: Man Auctions His Off - The link. You know what? Why not? It's not a whole lot different than hiring a "life coach" and changing your life. Why not sell it "as is" with no refunds and start over? The idea is growing on me. Do I hear a hundred? Two?

[recent update: The auction is over. Man is angry. Imposters made false bids, upping the ante. When bidding ended, all bidders backed out. Man says, ""They are just idiots, absolute idiots." The follow-up link. He is stuck with his life, unless he wants to take a big loss.]

I'm looking forward to a new week filled with exciting Top Stories that reveal our society at it's best.

I might even start waking up early, so full of anticipation am I.

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