Tuesday, June 17

In his first blog appearance ever . . .

. . . allow me to introduce Mr. Ross Smith. Just last night I was informed that Ross whined, I mean "mentioned" to someone that he hasn't yet been featured in my blog.

What a shame.
Coincidentally, or maybe by divine intervention, an indication of Ross' position of favor with God, Ross found himself involved in my life last night.

Involved in my life = Involved in my blog.

So. We were eating out with Ross and his lovely wife, Jennifer. At departure, we discovered my little red Mazda 6, of which I am so fond, wouldn't crank.
The boys popped the hood while I grabbed the camera. They pushed the car into primo position and proceeded to give me a jump. They may have let out a few Tim Allen grunts, I don't remember. Don't they look manly? They look like they should be saying, "Hey Vern, passme dat wrench." Or "Vern, Y'know iron twenty-three bucks an hour fer this." (That's a quote from Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck dictionary, which, for some extraordinary reason, I find hilarious and can't stop quoting)

What an awesome sound when my Mazda 6 came to life. Jennifer gave me the thumbs up and I gunned the engine. Nothin' purrs like a little red sports car! She's getting old, though, poor thing. Might have to trade her in for a new model. (not you, Jenn, I'm talking about my car)
Meanwhile... you are wondering what was I doing while everyone was working . . .
well, there was a bug down my shirt biting the crap out of me. It was unreal. I couldn't focus, I just kept itching and scratching. I thought I would have to remove my shirt right there in the parking lot. Can you see these bug bites? This is a stupid picture, but honestly, can you see those giant white bug bites above my middle finger? There are a lot more where those came from.


Tom S said...

Finally showing some skin on the blog! That ought to improve your statistics considerably...

Waiting Room Roomies said...

From Kelley & Connie as we sit in the waiting room at Baptist hospital, waiting to hear something about when they will be taking Jimmy in for surgery, and killing time by catching up on our blog reading ... we were just wondering if it really was Ross who was doing all the whining or perhaps ... the author of this blog who was constantly complaining of all the bites!

(At least you're getting some bites - says the single one of the two of us!).

Poof said...

"killing time"??? "killing time" is what one is doing when one is reading my blog?

it will take me a few days to recover from that one.

i'll be in recovery next to jimmy.

From one hoping to be bit one day .... :) said...

Oh! ... but we mean that in the most respectful way possible. Seriously!! I mean, it wasn't like we were kicked back, moaning in a lazy "wha'cha wanna do now? ... read Val's blog??" tone. We know that reading your blog is the highlight to anyone's day & is the definition behind the saying, "Time flies ...."