Jun 30, 2008

NC Mountains: A Sunday Ride

So we're up in the mountains again and I'm thinkin'
"Gee, it's a nice day for a ride down the river."Eden's in. Great idea.
Oh, yes, just like I pictured it.

But then... Patti and Steve hopped on a big boat.

And went to the big river.
And Marj, Tom and Brian found these adorable
T-tiny boats called "duckies."

And tried to ride them on the big river.

My original "leisurely Sunday ride down the river" idea
starts going really bad right here.
(but dern, she does have nice legs, doesn't she?)

In reviewing the pictures, I think she erred in her boofing technique.
But click here if you want her side of the story.

So B and Tom were behind her
and B yells, "Yo, Vern, you go next."

And Tom goes.

Again, bad boofing.
B follows.

B took a wee bit longer than the others to extricate himself from the hydraulics.
But he surfaced with a smile.

So Patti and Steve's crew paddled over and rescued them all.
and perhaps muttered, "Dude. You hurled your boof."

I'm thinking the next time I suggest a "Sunday ride down the river", they might be thinking: riverboarding.

But... for now anyway..... this is the wildest ride Marj will be taking.

1 comment:

Marjorie said...

This is no laughing matter. I saw God today.
I about died!!! The rocked sucked me in and spit me out!! I ALMOST DROWNED YOU GUYS!