Jul 9, 2008

Diet Detox Day 5

Just a quick post to give the whole Diet Detox a good review. After all my complaining, I am glad I did the detox. I'm starting to go off it today so my diet can be back to normal by Friday as I have some unusual events coming up.
Anyway..... I feel really, really good, like I haven't felt in a loooooong time. I've gotten used to the diet, so it's not such a big deal to work into my lifestyle. I've come to better like the juices and teas, actually, I love the live juice. My headaches are gone. I forgot the headaches almost every day were the main reason I wanted to try this. I have so much energy, it's unbelievable - and with no caffeine. I never realized how much energy the body consumes to digest unnatural foods. Now that all that energy has been freed up, I get the surplus just for fun. I haven't been tired at all. The best part is my happiness. I am more interested in things, more alert. I'm going to keep the herbal teas, live juice and vegie drinks, and green drinks in my normal diet.
- - - - Admittedly, I have to say:
I do so like them, Sam I am, I do so like green drinks and yams.

The Book.  The Diet:  Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox.

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