Jul 10, 2008

Two Observations

I just want to share two observations about my day that really aren't big enough to warrant their own post, but I must get them off my chest.
1. I started a sentence with "I was sitting in the library reading this month's AARP magazine, when..." What?? I was reading AARP?? ... Somebody... Stop Me!
2. I was shopping at the grocery store and had to use cash instead of my debit card, something I rarely do. This required discipline. I had to keep count of my purchases so I didn't overspend and I had to determine which groceries to leave behind due to lack of funds. So I got my cartful and delivered them to the cashier. I warned her of my cash limitation and we proceded to ring up the items. Toward the end, I would stop her between each item and say, "what's my total now?" Then I might say "take off the apples and ring up the canteloup" (because I'm so healthy now and would never say "take off the chocolate pinwheels and ring up the Edy's double chocolate fudge") and she would sigh and give me a new total. Then we'd do the same thing again, and again, and maybe again.
She finally looked me square in the eyes and said, "We aren't playing the price is right here."

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