Jul 7, 2008

Diet Detox for Dummies

Ooops. I meant to say

"Diet Detox is for Dummies."
This is totally insane.
See that scrumptious watermelon? I can't even eat that. I have to smash it all down into bits and run it through my juicer and drink it. -- Sad.
So I'm drinking these vegie and fruit juices and the thought of another one makes me want to throw up. Each time I drink, I think "I can't do this anymore." It's only been two days!

I think it's working though, I feel crappy. I'm supposed to feel pretty bad for a few days while the toxins leave my cells and go to my organs. Then I just have to wait patiently (and maybe do some other gory stuff) for the toxins to leave my organs and then I'll feel great. I'm skeptical. But I sure am getting achy and that sounds like runaway toxins to me. Alright. I'm gonna go take my last green drink of the day with my smidgen of aloe vera and get on with the day or pass out. Here's someone who still knows how to enjoy a watermelon:
The Book.  More Info on the Diet:  Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox.

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