Jul 23, 2008

My New Job

I have officially resigned from The Petal Shoppe. I still have my bookkeeping jobs; I just never quite got the hang of floral design and I was offered a sweeeet job at Broadstreet Consulting.

Here's the owner, my boss, trying to teach me the basics of web design. Now really, can web design be all that different than floral design?
Does he look frustrated? He's really trying to get a point across. Something about a square or something. I was sidetracked thinking about getting an office with a window and maybe a cute matching desk set. I was thinking about the joys of working in my PJ's all hours of the night like geeks do and wearing a pocket protector and maybe getting me one of those blueberries.

I can't wait for my first paycheck.

My ultimate career goal, however, is to crew a chocolate delivery vessel through the Grenadine Islands. "Prana, the chocolate ship, is a 36' wooden ketch that sails chocolate that I make in Grenada to other Grenadine Islands," claims the help wanted ad. This lovely job was brought to my attention by an article in Outside Magazine's August 2008 issue, "Like Water For Chocolate" by Eric Hansen. This is my favorite article in the whole wide world. I quite enjoy Hansen Humor.

Another appealing job is one I discovered in Cedar Rapids, that of "Debris Monitor." Doesn't this one look swell? You can't read the sign, but on his door, the bottom line reads "Debris Monitor." He's catching some rays, looking authoritative....just watching, I mean monitoring the big trucks haul off debris. But then, for you power hungry peeps, right down the road I spotted the "Debris Monitor Supervisor." Oh yeah. He got to sit inside his vehicle and read the paper. How cool is that?

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Anonymous said...

WOW - I'm really impressed with your promotion! You boss is a HUNK and I was wondering, is there anything for me over there at Broadacres Consulting?