Jul 24, 2008

Weekly News Digest IV

Better late than never, the news you almost missed:

1. Oregon man completes flight of fancy - in lawn chair. The link. Dude flew 200 miles in a lawn chair with helium balloons, using his "trusty BB gun" to get himself back to ground. My favorite quote: "'He came right over our pea field,' she said. 'He was coming down pretty fast.'"

2. Swedish men accused of drunken mowing. The link. Honestly, that happened in our town just a few years back. Guess it's not as rare as it used to be.

3. Moon mistaken for UFO. The link. This was reported in a phone call to Welsh police. Here's my favorite quote: "'If you've got a couple of minutes perhaps you could find out what it is? It's been there at least half an hour and it's still there.'" A recent update contained this fun quote of the police report: " Control: "Alpha Zulu 20, this object in the sky, did anyone have a look at it?" Officer: "Yes, it's the moon. Over." Look at this follow-up article if you want some more strange emergency calls, they're at the bottom of the article.

4. Woman reaches into bra, finds bat. The link. Favorite quote: "Abbie Hawkins, 19, said she initially thought her cell phone was going off when she felt vibrations in her clothes."

5. Claim: Kids who say "yuck" may be racist. The link. "The London-based National Children's Bureau released a 366-page guide counseling adults on recognizing racist behavior in young children." At last we are making some real headway with all the hate-crime research and legislation. If I can have my kid thrown in the slammer for saying "yuck" at my food, my life would be so much easier.

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