Jul 20, 2008

Southbound with the Hammer Down, Part 2

Somewhere north of Louisville, my coffee lid tab slipped into my coffee. Now that's when it's convenient to be surrounded by a disaster relief team. I heard, "Maam, we're a certified mud-out Disaster Relief team, specially trained in removing objects from dark, murky waters. Please, step away from the beverage."
The first responder rigged a tool to retrieve the lid piece. A miscalculation sunk the alien particle to the bottom of the murky coffee. Second responder secured a temporary storage facility to house said beverage while third responder performed the mud-out from cup bottom. Fourth responder conducted the rebuild efforts.
I took my coffee back, headed to the van and tossed over my shoulder, "Thanks, guys, that was just a test of your rapid response system." We are such a team!
At some point, I txt'd Cousin David again, "Approaching cincinatti, requesting permission to land. Seeking assistance for all available Starbucks." His response: Again, no Starbucks. What is the deal? I know they were closing over 600 stores, but were they all on my route??
The ride went smoothly the rest of the way home. Somewhere north of Knoxville we stopped at the Dog Patch Trading Post to do some bidness. We saw a large church group from Cleveland, TN, also heading home after doing some flood relief.
Thinking back on our trip, during one debriefing, a guy on our team said he enjoyed making the widow laugh while we worked; laughter is good for the soul. Wistfully, he added, "I always enjoy making my wife laugh. She's so pretty when she laughs." I'll never forget that. They've been married over 40 years, he's away one week and makes a comment like that. Just melts my heart.

Pray for the Texas team which remained up there for a second week-- very difficult. Pray for the Nebraska team, the Oklahoma team, another South Carolina team, an Iowa team and whoever else stays up there to finish the jobs. Pray for Jim Whitworth, from our Greenville SC team, who is the top boss of the operation. He'll be up there a few more weeks. Continue to pray for Becky and her daughter, the widow whose basement we worked on and LuAnn, a neighbor to one lady we worked for.

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