Jul 6, 2008

You Save Me & I Will Save The Day

This Train song's been on my mind:

Ten pounds too much to the naked eye
I don't take the bus because she drives
Watermelon lipstick, and way too much
She got buttermilk smile and a thorny touch
Street smart, like a Courtney Love
Can't get enough Hollywood stories of
Anybody famous that can make her feel Like they're all kinda friends in a way
No best friend, well one but she's crazy Grew up to end up a Professor of lazy
The last of six kids that all left town Seems nobody ever wanted them around
But she's cool like a soda can sittin' on ice
Always orders sushi, only eats the rice
Talks about J Lo like they're best of friends

I think she loves me, but it all depends
- - I don't wanna be your Superman
I just wanna be your man and I'll be super, baby

You'll be standin' in the sun shine
I'll be standin' right here in the rain
You save me and I will save the day
I got a sweet gig rakin' in the cash with karaoke
I get the crowd goin' when I sing the hokey pokey
I shake it to the left
and then I shake it to the right
What's not to love, man I'm on tonight
I got the LA stylie with the New York trim Keep my pants so low It's like I'm goin' for a swim
I got the Coppertone tan, like in Mexico Well, not now but when I go, yea
I know you don't see me like a movie star And it can't help much that I don't have no car

But you're my favorite thing, by far
That's gotta count for something

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