Sep 27, 2008

Venice, CA: My Most Excellent Adventure

Shocking, actually.

Surfer's don't really talk
Surfer Talk.
From my super sleuth vantage point, hovering over
the most bodacious surfers on the Venice Beach Pier, Day Two of my most Excellent Adventure, I could actually hear the surfer dudes talking.
Guess what. No surfer talk.
No "duuude" or "righteous". I heard "Oh, man" and I heard donkey-like emissions "hee haw, hee haw" after one particularly heinous spill and I'm quite sure I even heard a "Hrnnt," (am I reaching the "hrnnt crowd"???). I was sooo bummed. Totally reeks, man.
Not only that, but..... this has to be said.... spoiler warning..... I think they're old dudes, mid-life-crisis dudes -- like me, a little chunky, a little wrinkly. The following YouTube moment? Now that is what I expected to hear. I thought I could learn it, kind of like German, Surfer talk.
At this point, I'm just a little bummed. My day is just barely turning south. Afterall, I'm out on the pier watching the sunrise over a bunch of surfer dudes and drinking my java. Kind of hard to make that a bad scenario, right. Think again. I turned around and saw this:
I am such a loser.
I'm out there inches from the surfers with my pocket sized tiny canon snap 'em and slap 'em, acting like a photographer wannabe, uncomfortably leaning on pigeon poop pier railings, and I turn around to find this guy, with his high-powered, semi-automatic mega 5000xrated zoom lense. AND a fancy ergonomic chair to boot.
-- - - - - - - Such, such, such a loser.
And guess what!
He's got a freakin' lackey to dig out his sand chair and make things a little more comfortable.
I thought about asking "Hey, could you maybe come up here and wipe off this pigeon poop for me?"
Forget the mortar & pestle, forget big words on fancy cell phones, I need me one of them high-powered cameras.
Hooo - Eee, I'd be something.
One more thing about Venice Beach, then I'll
move on.
They're known for the drum circles. I thought possibly these stones have something to do with the drum circles, but I don't know for sure.
Unfortunately, there were no live drum circles while we were there. Click here for more drum circle info. The last time we were out there, we caught the tail end of a drum circle, which left us begging for more. - - - - - - - or not.


David said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. Drum circles or Stonehenge?

Poof said...

Oh snap! That's what that reminded me of.

Sugar Jones said...

Next time, head further south... San Diego's where it's at! ;)

Surfers do not say cowabunga, but they do say dude. So does every body else, though. One thing you don't want to be called is a Kook. That's like being called a Howlie in Hawaii. That's about all the surfer lingo I can offer you. Haven't been out on my board in months.

Thanks for checking out my post on our unschooling trip!