Sep 26, 2008

Venice, CA: On the Road Again

So I loaded up my bag and I went to Beverly...

.... Hills, that is.

That's my altered Moleskin notebook, by the way, you really need to check that out. I bought the plain cardstock notebook with blank graph paper, then I decorated it and sealed the whole thing with mod podge. This is an excellent way to travel. I divided it into sections: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Francisco. I taped in articles and info, drew in maps, journaled in it as I travelled and will now post my photos in it as well. I bought the City Notebook for Vienna - it's my first City Notebook and I think it'll make travel so much easier.
Tom had a conference in LA, then one in San Fran the following week, so he invited me to come along as his... put down your coffee.... trophy wife. You & I know I'm more of a boobie prize than a trophy wife, but if delusion helps him get through his day, who am I to stop it? Actually, this was our second honeymoon, his birthday present to me, a way to renew our vows and refocus on our evolving relationship as we head into our twilight years.

Day One: Venice Beach.
I dropped Tom off at his conference and I went straight to Venice Beach, baby. Muscle Beach. I stopped in town at Cafe Collage for a coffee. Yum-O. Great place to catch up on local news. Beat Artist in front of me was digging the looks of her beverage as the white cream was swirling around the dark coffee colors. She watched it like a lava lamp. Finally, someone who understands the beauty of a mixed coffee beverage! She gets it! I finally found my place in this world.

The homeless man pacing around me, seemingly trying to talk himself into something was getting increasingly angry, so I hit the road and took my coffee to the beach where the homeless people were in much better spirits.
It's so funny. The tour buses drive up and park. Out climb all the tourists, walking in a straight line, buddy system, out onto the famous beach. They spread out a little, nod their heads, take some photos -- read: Chevy Chase's Vacation -- then amble back to the bus, maybe hitting the bathroom first. Well, they got my attention (I was sitting on the benches with the other homeless people as is my custom) because they were speaking.... German!! What luck! I've been learning German. I spoke to the first guy in English. They were from Holland. Then the second bus arrived and I approached a couple and said, IN GERMAN, "Do you understand German?" He said, "Jah." I said, "Jah??!!!" and nearly slapped him with glee. He said, "Jah" in a boring fashion, then he said something long and drawn out in German and I couldn't understand him. I hadn't really given this much thought, so I didn't know what to say. The only other German I could remember is "Would you like to eat something?" and I didn't want to ask him that, so I had to say, IN GERMAN, "goodbye." And I walked away like an idiot (as is my custom).

I mosied down the boardwalk a bit and got breakfast at the Candle Cafe. Again, Yum-O. I sat
outside on the patio with the sound of the surf and the view of the hippy vans and anti-Bush sentiments. I read, drank coffee and thought happy thoughts.
As I walked back up the beach, I briefly considered letting Tulah tell my future. But then I thought: Hey, I like to be surprised.

One thing I knew for sure: Sunset with Tom S.

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Anonymous said...

Hey world – history has just been made. Val mentioned twice in this blog about getting coffee at someplace other then Starbucks. Maybe I should rephrase that – she got a DRINK at some place other than Starbucks. I have no clue what kind of drink Yum-O is but it is not coffee!!!!!!!!!! Real coffee is made with dark roasted beans. Any other so called coffee is a fake! People who drink flavored fake coffee (ugh) and then put in cream and sugar (triple ugh) have no clue of the delicious, invigorating, and robust taste of a pure, almost heavenly, cup of coffee.

Does the pink bike belong to the two “ladies” shown in your “picture of the day”?