Oct 23, 2008

Vienna III: My Polish Upbringing is Showing

Somewhere back in time, there was a smattering of Polish influence in my otherwise German and Dutch heritage. I think it was my grandmother's nanny maybe? Anyone who knows, feel free to comment and inform me. Anyway, from this Polish influence, we adopted a few things that have been passed down through the generations such as Golumpki, Pierogi's and the saying "Oy vey."

I've made Pierogi's a few times, but it is a long, difficult process, generally to be avoided. I have shuddered to find them thrown in a box in the freezer section of the grocery store, that seems disrespectful. I've never seen them in a restaurant until.... today.... in Vienna. Can you feel the excitement?
Leaving Belvedere Castle, walking back toward Vienna's inner circle, I rushed right past a polish pub. I stopped. Backed up. Read the sign and found "pierogi's" at the bottom. No, that can't be right, can't be my polish pierogi's here in Austria. I walked away. Stopped. Could it be? Backed up, peeked in the darkened windows.
Must have pierogi's.
I was by myself and didn't want to walk into some dodgy, all-men's polish pub by myself. As a woman travelling alone, I have to be smart and alert to my surroundings. But I couldn't resist the lure of pierogi's.

Despite the "Pub" sign and the darkness, this was a very beautiful, small polish restaurant and the owner was a cordial man who gracefully helped me through the language barrier. They served three types of pierogi's: mushroom, potato & cheese and one other gross one I ignored. I ordered all potato and cheese, which are the ones I grew up on.
They were delicious and a wonderful surprise, but I do have to say, "It ain't like mama cooked it." I am so ready for some of mom's pierogi's.
Restaurant Info: Alles Pajos, Salesianergasse 20.

If you can't get to Austria right away, try Pierogi Grill in Clearwater, FL.  


Anonymous said...

Oh Val, Val----

You went all the way to Vienna for pierogies and all you had to do was come to the Capital of the Pierogy Pocket: Binghamton, NY.

Yessir, hard to believe, but, last year, good old Binghamton snatched that title away from whoever had it before and is again, this year, vying for a repeat crowning capital status.

And all you did was eat spiedies and Little Venice food when you were here. Sad, sad, sad.......

There are dozens of restaurants in Broome County with pierogies on the menu. There are pierogi festivals throughout the year. Little old laides work for days making pierogies and taking orders for same.

Hey, when mom was living at Hilltop, they even had it on the menu regularly there.

You are just going to have to make a trip north and get your fill of pierogis.

The Seeker said...


What is that there on that plate? Tomatoes and mozzerella? Caprese? Or do pierogies look like Caprese? My eyes are bad...

Welcome back to the land of chitlins... =)