Sunday, December 7

Lego Mania

Legos have got to be the best toy on the planet. The best, Jerry, the BEST!
I don't think anybody outgrows Legos. Once you play, you play forever.
So we dug out Tommy's 20 gallon tub of Legos, dusted them off, and introduced them to Eva. I was kinda surprised though when she built a tractor and drove it towards Barbie. What's up with that?

"Lego, officially trademarked LEGO, is a line of construction toys manufactured by the Lego Group..." Ya think?
That brilliance comes from Wikipedia. What I love about Wikipedia is that they assume the reader has absolutely no common sense. When I read some of their lengthy, verbose & watered-down explanations, I picture them bending forward into me and speaking with a loud voice as if I must be deaf as well as stupid. "Lego, OFFICIALLY TRADEMARKED LEGO MANUFACTURED BY LEGO" scream scream. scream.

You, you there in the back, tell me this: What is the largest Lego set sold today? Gotcha, didn't I? You thought it was the Star Wars Millenium Falcon, that is so last year. Now it is the Taj Mahal, almost 6,000 pieces for some little geeky kid to assemble... or big geeky grandma.
There are four Legoland Amusement Parks & I haven't been to a single one. It's on my Bucket List. But I have been to the Lego Super Store in Downtown Disney. That's where these photos originated. I had to get a picture of Patti with Ronnie McDonald.
3 of my alltime Faves: daughter, McDonalds and legos. Imagine the bliss if only she were holding a cup of Starbucks! The other photo is Tommy and Marj, so young!!, waiting with an old, sleeping legoman.
With the turn of the century, Legos underwent a makeover. Lego built a social network, people, did you know that?? I so didn't. I want to put my Webkinz up for adoption so I can leave the Webkinz childrens social network and get on the Lego childrens social network. I can collect, build & trade with virtual items! and showoff my creativity!!

Wow. Good thing I am right on top of things and keeping you updated on all the changes in the world. Now go - put down those old, cracked legos and get on the computer, sonny. Turn off your imagination, sit on your rump, look at a screen that will make you go blind young and set up a fake world with strangers you don't know & ignore the very real people with the very real toys all around you.
Whoa. I think my brother just inhabited my body for a second there. I sounded almost... umm.. sarcastic? I think I/he was preaching to meself, lassie. Ya'll just run along and have a good day.


Fern said...

Yes, Legos, the best investment ever!!! Chad would play with them for hours, I kept our huge tote full of legos and every once in awhile they got pulled out and dumped in the LR!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I know who the lego man on the bench is modelled after. He looks familiar.

Cecil a/k/a Sour Bunny said...

I am so excited, I think that we are winning the Christmas card game so far, we have already recieved 2, add em up and weep baby, 2 cards. Oh, I do remember bringing home 4 for mom and dad, from the Pony Express from Church today. O.K. so they are 2 up on us, and I dont think that we even got any bonus points.

Wait till tomorrow, who knows?

Anonymous said...

I one time made an entire village out of legos. Then the boss came in and I had to get back to work.