Dec 5, 2008

Thanks to my buddy, Robin, over at Pensieve for bringing this to my attention. You may remember my fascination with Bart Millard of Mercy Me. In this clip, he challenges Mark Hall of Casting Crowns to a duel... errr. no, no, I mean a diet. (Tom's reading the Andrew Jackson book and between Tom, Jackson and Aaron Burr, I can't stop thinking about duels.) Anyway... this is cute. I have to say I'm on Team Millard. Lucky him, I'm sure I'll contribute so much. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

who is the dude on the right, cause he is hillarious? im a gonna join his team!! whoo hooo!

Poof said...

Bart Millard is the one in green jacket with scarf. Dude. The scarf! No wonder I like him. Wonder if his scarf collection is bigger than mine?