Feb 14, 2009

Book Review: What's Age Got to Do With It?

Author: Robin McGraw
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

I was less than halfway through this book when I reached my conclusion: Fifty-five year old Robin McGraw needs to get a life. She sounds like she’s a twenty year old who believes her value lies solely in her appearance. Obviously, there’s money in looking good so perhaps for a select few, McGraw included, it is a profitable career. For the rest of us, this book contains a lot of nonsense. My house payment is less than what McGraw spends monthly on facial treatments and beauty products.

Barring all that, there is some benefit to reading the book. Besides hair, makeup, fashion and skin care advice, Mrs. McGraw offers chapters on fitness, nutrition, hormones and faith, each chapter including advice from experts. Along with her high-end recommendations, she also suggests home remedies and home workout plans so everyone can get started living healthier, regardless your budget.

“No matter how old you are, today is the first day of the rest of your life; so why not start on a healthy foot?” McGraw challenges the reader. Her proactive attitude is motivational while her step-by-step instructions are written with clarity, providing hundreds (really) of ways for you to be healthier. Her chapter on hormones is especially detailed.

There is no doubt if you want to improve yourself, this book can show you how. I’d wager most of us don’t have the time or money to do much of what is recommended, but more importantly: Why would we? Good health is one thing, but self-indulgence and self-adoration seem a little too focused on…. well… self.

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Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for men on how to stay healthier? I have started walking more and eating less but wouldn't mind a few suggestions which are EASIER to accomplish. Would a facial make me look better even if it does not make me healthier? If I look better would I feel better? I know, I know - nothing could make me look better!!!! Just thought I could try. Just think of how much it would help the economy if I spent a lot of money on "beauty" products.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you didn't post a grumpy message drift.

Anonymous said...

Driftwood, have you seen Dr. Phil? I don't think he spends as much on beauty products as his wife. Probably he can't, if she spends that much money every month on herself. Anything in the book about giving to others?

I'll be the grumpy one this morning.....

Poof said...

Driftwood, there wasn't much in there for men. In Robin's world, you guys can totally fall apart, I guess you just need to work, produce income and not look good. However, if you have trouble with your lipstick bleeding, see pg. 176. Are you, by any chance, petite? She has some good fashion advice for petites. Actually the fitness and nutrition chapters would benefit men as well. There is a decent diet on p 65-77.
Anonymous: Me, too! We have to reward Drifty for good behavour. Pat him on the head, cheer him on, etc.
Zippy: Poor Dr. Phil. He thinks he looks good, too. As for giving to others..... She claims her book is a gift to help you live longer and feel better. I think she gives to others by hosting a show that gives makeovers.

Most of McGraw's chapters are 20-30 pages. Her chapter on faith was 5 pages long.

JMaslar said...

Don't worry about beauty products, Obama has it covered in his stimulus package.

Anonymous said...

I am 5'10" and 194 lbs. is that petite? I have lost 28 lbs. since last August so I am heading in the right direction. I don't understand all of you who call me grumpy. Now if you were talking about my father or grandfather....
My granddaughters use to call me grumpy. I thought it was because they could not pronounce grampa. Could it be that they considered me grumpy? NAH not me.

Anonymous said...

Drifty, sounds like people think you're grumpy perhaps you need a "personality" makeover I'll bet there's tons of books out there for that. I KNOW you're not grumpy 'cause I new your daddy and granddaddy! Now THEY were grumpy.

Anonymous said...

If you want my vote for someone who is a better role model of a classy woman, that would be Laura Bush. She is gracious, well-spoken, she does not focus on her looks and still she looks great. She survived 8 grueling years in the White House and left looking much the same as when they moved there.

I would read a book she wrote.