Feb 3, 2009

Ooops, we did it again

We managed to get in one last trip to the ice rink to celebrate National Skating month.
This is how I found Ross before I even got my skates on. He made two laps around the link and called it quits. (didn't want to hurt his back)

Patti & Eva met us up there again. Eva fell a couple of times and became gun-shy. Don't tell anyone, but Patti can skate better than me. I asked her if she'd been sneaking over there and practicing.

Marj & B battled it out to see who was greatest. (just more of that Busbee/Sliker competition goin on)

Aren't they cute? Ross and Jen Jrs. Despite all their Georgia attire, we had a blast.

I'll post all of the photos over on the church blog soon. I have a lot of Grayson and Joey on the ice.


& this is how Tom & Ross spent 99.5% of their time. On the way home, I said "Wow, won't it be fun to go back when Jen and Connie can go with us?" They said, "Mmmm, sounds like a girls' outing." Party Poopers.


Anonymous said...

SSSOOOOOO typical of our husbands. I love the sign above where they are sitting. AND ross is at the chiropractor as i type this due to his back going out again....thinking surgery might be in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ross. I thought his back was just an excuse. Hope he feels better soon.