Monday, February 2

Happy Groundhog Day & I SO mean that

And we all know, from the famous movie Groundhog Day, that this holiday originated in Punxsutawney, PA, in 1887. Punxsutawney Phil is the local groundhog who became the world's most famous weather forecaster. (probably the most accurate, too)

What we all don't know is the real interpretation of groundhog day. We all look at each other, shrug and say "Anh, if he sees his shadow, it means something about the weather...." and we go about our business like it's nothin'.
So let me clear the air. If a groundhog peeks from his burrow today, which they all will, and sees his shadow, he will be scared back into his burrow and winter will last for six more weeks. But if he doesn't see his shadow (overcast day, bad burrow position, hovering tree shadow, whatever), spring will come early.
Feb. 2 is halfway between the winter solstice and spring equinox and that is why we watch for the reappearance of hibernating animals, a natural sign that winter will end.
& What does that mean to me and you? For me, personally, I relate well to the whole hibernating animals thing. I suffer from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - where a lack of sunlight causes depression and a variety of health problems. By mid-winter, I'm depleted. If I find a mere sunbeam coming through the window, I'll curl up in it and soak it in. Plus, of course, the obvious, I pack on fat for the winter.
So Groundhog Day holds great promises for me & many others like me (yes, there's more). It's a "make or break" kind of day. It can send me soaring or plummeting. And with thousands of us out there holding our breath, waiting for the groundhogs to decide our future, the rest of ya'll should be aware. At least be respectful. OK, it's another holiday. Another reason to have a party. But if I crawl back under the covers and refuse to come out, don't think poorly of me. I'm quite sick of the party pooper jokes.

Carry on.


Anonymous said...

I just watched the whole ceremony in PA and yup Phil saw his shadow so six more weeks of winter, enjoy!

Renee said...

So glad you reminded me it was Groundhog Day. I totally forgot! Starting the party planning now!

Allison said...

Who could ever call you a party pooper? Hang in there, only 6 more weeks! Let's plan a party.

Anonymous said...

As a wise person at our church said, if the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, spring will arrive in six weeks.

Think about it.....