Feb 28, 2009

Weekly News Digest XV

1. British store will start selling Australian Man-Girdle. The link. Finally, the perfect accessory to go with the Man Purse. The "core precision undershirt" is designed to force the wearer's body into a leaner form. I'm so glad men will start feeling the pressure that we women have felt for ages. Favorite Quote: "It's a very tight-fitting T-shirt, so it's not like we're asking men to wear a bra." Oh yes, bras are next, big boys.

2. $7,000 in stolen jewelry found in Cheetos bag. The link. Two Jersey teens stole jewelry, stuck it in their cheetos bag and hid it in a swingset at the park where police found it. Favorite Quote: "Bet you can't steal just one."

3. Police called in to deal with delinquent beaver. The Link. Foreclosure has begun on a beaver, of all things, in Beaverton, Ore, in Beaverton creek. If a beaver can't live in Beaverton in Beaverton Creek, where can he live?? Favorite Quote: "..officials said they have been unable to coerce the rodent into moving on its own, so ..." Unable to coerce the rodent? Since when can rodents be coerced? What would coercing a rodent look like? "Here, beaver, beaver, here beaver...."

4. Injured good Samaritan ticketed for jaywalking. The link. He & another man were helping elderly ladies across the street during a Denver snowstorm, he pushed them out of the path of a pickup, got hit and injured, then got a ticket. Both he and the other good samaritan were ticketed for jaywalking, but the old ladies were not ticketed! I see a lawsuit - that's ageism, people, we won't stand for that.

5. Balsamic Vinegar thefts on the rise. The link. High end balsamic vinegar was stolen from an Oregon market. At the end of her rope, store owner put up this sign, "Thanks to the Balsamic Vinegar Thief this area is now under surveillance." Well of course. I'm sure there'll be many more vinegar thieves, that's probably a hot spot for surveillance. Forget the candy and beer aisles, keep an eye on that vinegar. Come to think of it.... I may have passed the vinegar thief yesterday, I remember an odd smell. . .


Anonymous said...

I wear t-shirts all the time. Do you think a tight fitting, slimming one will make me look better? Or will it make me grumpier?

By the way, my granddaughters are even prettier now than they were 11 years ago. Makes you wonder how those cute adorable girls came from my genes.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I just saw your comment on the Robin McGraw review. I understand. I just appreciated her telling about her humble days before Dr. Phil got huge. She seemed to try to reach every level not just upper class, etc.

Hey, come on over and join "Carolina Girls!" :) It's fun. Have a blessed Sunday.