Mar 1, 2009

More Ski Pictures

A few KaZillion of our ski trip photos for your enjoyment:
Patti's waving to Eva:

Snowball fight:


The bunny hill lift:

Eva Rocks!!

The view from half-way up:

Li'l Buddy a/k/a Buster Brown

Miss Pops:

One of Eden's few spills:

Tommy gets some air, while Eden looks on impressed:

The winding trail from the lift to the slope, it was pretty steep:

Eden's got her groove on:

Tommy, preparing for the Olympics:

Patti spent a lot of time running after Eva:

Eden hated the ski lift.
Guess it was a little too high & rickety:

Eva wanted to race me.... several times:

Awwww . . Major Ski Bunnies:

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?:

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