Feb 24, 2009

A Wii Little Attitude


So we've been playing a Wii bit of tennis lately and Eva. . . OK, all of us . . . discovered we could play pretty good.
It's kind of exhilarating after years of idleness to find you really are athletic and you really do have tennis elbow. It's a little misleading to walk around in pain bragging, "yeah, well, guess it was a little too much tennis yesterday."
Like a lot of other people in America right now, we found that we could play sports on the Wii pretty spectacularly and THEREFORE, we were PUMPED and had to go outside and actually play the sport for real.

So Eva got out there with her little pumped attitude, got herself a racket and told us to serve it to her, show her what we got.
She pulled it back and looked like she was gonna hit it.
But she missed. She was stunned.
She began running after the ball, decided this was absolutely no fun at all, threw her racket down without saying a word . . .

. . . and ran full speed off the court.

She kept running, gaining speed, stopping for nothing. . .

. . . and headed straight over to her Grampsy.

Here's a Pre-Game Photo Op:

Many of you have expressed this same desire to go "out and play" after playing so hot on the Wii, only to find you aren't so hot in real life. Luckily, they wouldn't let mom race a real Grand Prix car.


Anonymous said...

Hey, my grandson would not even let me try racing on Wii, much less in real life. He told me, quite seriously, that there were lots of things to remember and, thus, implied that I was not alert and/or coordinated enough to handle it.

You don't think he wanted the Wii for himself, do you? Yeah, that must be it. My lack of coordination has nothing to do with it.


Poof said...

Our swimming pool no longer lured my mother to come visit, so we had to get a Wii just to get her to come down.

Anonymous said...

I seen your mother drive and believe me she could handle a grand prix race car without any trouble. She would just push anybody over if they were in her way.

Like my wife, I am not any good with those games on Wii. More power to you and your granddaughter.

I loved those last two photo's of the day. My gandkids are the BEST.