Mar 25, 2009

SC: Charleston: A Pictorial Overview

Charleston, SC. Think: blue skies, plantations, marshlands, old houses, military forts, pirates, sweetgrass baskets, pralines, slave market, carriage tours, beaches, the battery.... Charleston is chock full of things to do. Charleston is eccentric, quirky, charming. I just love to go there.
To the right you see the old slave market in the background which now houses stalls for the buying and selling of local artwork. A horse-drawn carriage is approaching on your right and you can hear the tour guide discussing the atrocities of the inter-state slave trade in the late 18th century. You lean against the wall, one foot up behind you, and begin to watch the woman making sweetgrass baskets across the street, one of Charleston's most well-known crafts. You slowly chew on a praline pecan and feel the sun warming you to your bones.

You are so with me, aren't you? Sit back and take a stroll through the winding, cobblestone streets, across the heavy traffic of the paved E. Bay, Church, King & Meeting streets and meander down the historic Tradd Street, dating back to the late 1600's where 18th century homes are still proudly standing, some of which are for sale once again. Gaze through their brick or iron gates into the famous Charleston gardens, ablaze with dogwoods, azaleas, camelias and serene fountains. I'm going to be quiet now and let you wander the streets with me via my photos. Enjoy!

The famous Cooper River Bridge:

The cooling fountains of Waterfront Park.

Shem Creek area:


Anonymous said...

OK that's IT I'm packing my bags! Great pics Val, I recognized everything and remembering when we took Aunt Helen there and rode the horse and carriage, what fun she had ------- before she became ill.

JMaslar said...

Looks like you missed nothing!