Mar 26, 2009

SC: Charleston: The Food


Sweetwater Cafe was our view as we looked out our hotel room window, we looked down on the cafe and watched the people going in & out. It's a great place for breakfast, reminds me of an old mom n pop diner. It's one block from the market, great location. The pancakes are huge. I got my Kwik Karry usual - one egg, whole wheat toast. Only got one slice of toast, that was skimpy.-

No doubt, Andolini's Pizza.

Family owned and operated since they opened in '91. The family's from Queens & Brooklyn, NY, so you know it's genuine NY pizza. You can read another review here. If you're into NY pizza, you can visit the NY Pizza Blog here. We always go to Andolini's when we go to Charleston. Time of day does not matter.

We had two dinners in Charleston this trip, both were very good. My favorite was A.W. Shucks, right off the market.

I had their Market Street Pasta and split it with Patti, who had a Grilled Chicken Salad. Both meals were huge and together we couldn't even finish them. Salad wasn't too great, but the pasta was awesome. Tom had their legendary casserole: Baby creek shrimp and scallops, sautéed and layered over Carolina deviled crab, topped with alobster cheese sauce and baked au gratin, served with Charleston red rice and vegetable of the day. Yeah. I know. But he liked it, said it was OK.
The other dinner was with Ross, Jen and Jen's cousin, Mike Thompson, who was singing in Charleston that night and was the whole reason we went down there. (that's another post) So we went out on Shem's Creek to Vickery's.
Vickery's started out gaining fame for their burgers, so I had to try one, but I think now they are more famous for their seafood. Almost every dish had seafood in it. I wasn't impressed with the burger and fries, but it was OK. Tom had shrimp n grits. Jen - what did ya'll have?, I can't remember. The conversation was so stimulating that I didn't notice meals. Maybe that's the way a good restaurant should be.

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Anonymous said...

Lowcountry shrimp n grits for me and ross had that steak sandwich which was an actual steak slapped on the bun. My meal was fantastic and ross loved that it wasnt chopped up steak on his bun.