Mar 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

24 years ago today, Tom & I got married at a small park in Columbia, having just finished our mid-term exams. We then set out on a tennessee mountain honeymoon -- hot air ballooning in Asheville, horse riding in Gatlinburg, hiking in state parks, followed by big city dinners in Hottlanta. He finished school, graduated that year, and I quit after my junior year & we moved to Atlanta with a truckful of hand-me-down furniture we collected on a 5 state tour of relatives homes, after which Uncle Moose chuckled "Yeah, that Tom's a Slicker." The name stuck.

We spent our early years in Atlanta watching "Green Acres" every night while we ate dinner on TV trays. 5 years & 2 children later, we bought an old house in the Carolina Countryside, our dream come true. It was a fix'er up all right, with 20 acres and a couple of ramshackle barns. There was most certainly no cell signal, no internet and no tv reception at all. Our first rainy night in the place revealed serious leaks in the roof and our first sunny day revealed about 50 cats on the back patio. We loved it. We soon added a third child, born suspiciously close to Riverbanks Zoo, and began living our very own Green Acres. Enjoy this loooong clip and bid us your fondest well wishes. We are busy celebrating in NYC. (did I mention the time we went to New York City and rode 6 different types of transportation, visited 6 famous sites and ate at 6 different pizza places, all in 6 hours? We are made for each other!)


Anonymous said...

Are you STILL climbing that poll to use the phone?! How well I remember when Patti was born, coming down to help and fixing dinner then sitting with our TV trays in front of the TV watching Green Acres, what fun. Then I would pack Tom's lunch-----8 - 10 Pringles, once slice of bread going one way, the other the other way, yep strange boy you got there but we love him!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Tom and Val!! May God continue to bless your marriage!!