Mar 9, 2009

Rush of Fools

Just about three years ago at a small talent competition called "Band with a Mission," an obscure, young band stole the show and emerged with a label offer. This band comprised a hodgepodge of Alabama boys thrown together in a thoroughly divine fashion.

Meet: Rush of Fools. The youngest member, drummer Jamie Sharpe, was only 15 when he was propelled into the world of success. The songwriters are primarily guitarist Kevin Huguley and lead vocalist Wes Willis. Soon after the famed talent competition, these guys found themselves writing in Nashville. At day's end, exhausted, they were finishing up when one line particularly struck home. Within only 45 minutes, this one line resulted in the song Undone, released as a single in January of 2007 and a debut album by May.

The rest of the band consists of guitarist JD Frazier and bassist Jacob Chestnut. They have recently released their second album "Wonder of the World," which contains the famous "There is Nothing" and a romantic song "Never Far Away," on which you can hear the famous piano sounds of Jim Brickman and which is included on Brickman's album, "Ultimate Love Songs."
Click here to see the Rush of Fools 2009 tour schedule.

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