Mar 20, 2009

When Little Boys Grow Up

I tested my son today.
I wanted to see if I was still the most important woman in his life.
I saw Eden driving through town, talking on her cell phone with a big smile on her face. (the young whippersnappers call that "cheesing") So she was cheesin'. I figured she must be talking to her boyfriend, my son.
So I called my son. You know it. I wanted to see if he would put her on hold to take my call.

He didn't take my call. She won.
I bet I can out-cook her. Oh, its ON.


Anonymous said...

Did you report her to the police? It is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving (unless she was using a hands off device). Since you SAW her talking on the cell phone I have to assune she was driving illegaly and was a menace to everybody around her. She should have her drivers license taken away from her for at least a year. As a former truck driver I have no tollerance for people acting irresponsibly while driving. I always behave perfectly and do everything correctly while I am driving because I care about people around me who might be hurt by any wrong actions I amy make.

Poof said...

It is not illegal in SC to talk on your phone. If it WAS illegal, we'd have more problems because then everyone would be texting instead, which is harder.

Truck Driver? Intolerance for irresponsible driving? Don't make me laugh. I could list what truck drivers have done to me and we'd be here hours. Truck Drivers should be banned from the roads. Buy locally.

Anonymous said...

I've ridden with Driftwood.

Give me a break, fella. You've obviously gotten a bit senile.

ssummer said...

Oh please you guys - getting back to the real point - Poof, been there, done that and the realization is like OUCH! If it's any comfort though, mom and dad are #1 with input on big decisions. Not that your advice will be taken, but it will be taken into consideration. I LIVE for those talks. They're the best!

Anonymous said...

Do not lump all truck drivers together. I admit that the newer truck drivers as a whole are more dangerous and less courteous than us older drivers. That is the main reason I took early retirement - could not stand the modern truck driver. They drive just like the 4-wheelers.
You consider texting harder? My granddaughters can text blindfolded faster than I can even think of something to say!!!!!

ssummer: Boy does your kids have you faked out. They just pretend to listen to you. They do not want your advise as they have all ready made up their minds as to what they are going to do. They just want you to think they are interested in your advise so that when they want money or the car you will be willing to give it to them.

ssummer said...

driftwood - the benefit of not having any monetary or material things to offer my boys is that they don't have to pretend to be someone they aren't in hopes of collecting something I don't even have. I think it's called love and respect.

Poof said...

Dear SSumer:

You go, girl.

Anonymous said...

The older I get, the more I realize that I know nothing about parenting! However, I do know this about advice. If someone solicits your advice it is only for the purpose of confirming what they already have decided. If you volunteer the advice, they do not "hear" it. What about that! See for free fishing advice.

Anonymous said...


I do not doubt that they want your love and respect and that they give you love and respect in return. What they do not want is your advise. They listen to your advice BECAUSE they love and respect you but they have already made up their minds as to what they are going to do.

ssummer said...

My friend - they're 18 and 23, so ANY kind of communication from them is welcomed. Praise be to God that I have them in my life.

Anonymous said...

Good grief all you people, guess you really DON'T know Driftwood he comes on strong but he's a pussycat, he's pulling all your chains but I must admit this back and forth was quite interesting.
Not sure about his courtesy on the highway though I've not known too many "nice" truck drivers, at least not these days.

David said...

In regards to the pic of the day, I am surprised that anyone would want to keep any pictures taken pre March 11, 1970.......

alpinekleins said...

I'm right there with you! Dynamics certainly change when they get to be almost grown up :)

I love you site - thanks for letting me look around, be back soon!