Mar 19, 2009

Ma- to the -Dea

During her Spring Break, Connie called me up to meet for breakfast at the Kwik-to-the-Karry. As often happens when we get together, we never want to part, we just want the fun to go on and on and on, so I said, "Hey, how about we catch a movie later on?" It's a weekday, we should be working. But it's US. So we went to see Madea Goes To Jail. I was not familiar with Madea, I haven't been following her life and times, but Connie has. She HAS, people. She knows her some Madea.


So here we are with Madea right before we almost got kicked out for having a camera in a movie theater. Look at my purse. C'mon. They better be glad they didn't know what all I had in there either. The camera was nothin'.
Connie & I have an unusual friendship.

We joke that we are Lucy & Ethel or Thelma & Louise. We met about 18 years ago when Connie was replacing me at the Kepes & Busbee Law Firm.

I had been there as a temp while they got started & I was ready to get back home to being a full time mom. Connie flew in from Orangeburg every day to work in Aiken and I lived in another town, so I figured I'd never see her again.

But Connie moved to my li'l town. And joined my li'l church. And our friendship grew from there.

A month or two back I was going through my children's files. I have a file for each child with all their artwork and schoolwork from the past 18 years. I flipped through the files: Patti. . . Tommy . . . Marj . . . Connie . . . Whoa. Connie? I dug that baby out. I had printed 18 years of email conversations and saved them. They were hilarious. And Grayson would probably kill me if I shared some of them, right, Doodlebug?

We've been through a lot, of course, but the two times that mean the most were: 1) when Grayson was a baby with an ear infection. Connie called me in the middle of the night saying that she was losing her mind from a lack of sleep. I grabbed my sleeping bag, went over, took Grayson and she curled up in bed.
The other time 2) was when Tom was out of town and a threat was made against me and the kids. Connie came right over and spent the night with us, all of us sleeping in the same room, almost stepping on each other in the night.
So back to Madea. We saw the movie, which was fun, & then we had to quote the movie for the rest of the day, which was probably annoying, but after the movie we had to stop at the grocery store for taco ingredients. Well, I had this craving for bologna, which I haven't eaten in a few years. Why now?? I got bologna and turkey plus taco stuff. Connie got bread and stuff and some Reese Peanut Butter Cup eggs. In the car, we went nuts. Well, I went nuts. Connie ate one turkey sandwich, I ate two bologna ones, or was it three? I won't need it for a coupla years again.
Then we each got our Reese peanut butter cup egg. This is where our friendship really shone, pay attention here.
'Cause, my friend, she eats the peanut butter
and I eat the chocolate!
What a team!

.. and that's all I have to say about that.


JMaslar said...

I know about cravings. I have wanted kielbasa and hard salami. I already grilled and ate the kielbasa and will eat the salami this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I want to know the logistics of just how you share the Reese's. I have visions of one person licking off her part, then passing the remains to team 2.

Are knives and forks involved? Something civilized?

Anonymous said...

How come in the Photo of the Day you do not mention that the littlest flower girl is YOU Val!!!

The way you two eat the reeces candy is the only way to eat it unless you put the peanut butter portion on either crackers or bread. Chocolate and peanut butter in one candy is Ughhhhhh.

Poof said...

Well, y'know, I didn't want to always be bringing attention to myself, even though I am SO cute in that picture!