Jul 15, 2009

Family Is Forever II

I probably will not be able to post for a few days.
Here are some photos from the weekend with the family.
The family portrait:
(Jessica, Jaime, & Tim had just left and didn't get in the picture; Tom and I are also out of this particular photo)
Kath wore Marilyn's vest and rode her seat on Paul's bike enroute to cemetery:

Tom met up with his high school friends for a reunion dinner:
left to right: Chooch, Hildebrand, Tom Young, Tom S., Wayne, Reiner

Tom with sister, Kathy and brother, Glenn, (who had been working hard roofing school dugouts).

Tim and Kevin both got to be home for awhile, it was great to see them:

Patti & Eva as we sat on schoolyard talking:

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JMaslar said...

It would appear that Tom has held up reasonably well when compared to his class reunion buddies.