Jul 13, 2009

Family is Forever

I am enjoying time with family this weekend.
Tim is home, briefly, from the Netherlands:
Kath & Kel are up from Florida. . .

Kel's got skills.
Patti's got skills. She's teaching Eva the alligator method for catching a frisbee:

Family's hurting today. We're burying a sister much too early. And while we have intense grief lurking just below the surface, we also cherish the time together, the respite from life's responsibilities, the pause that reminds us to nurture the underlying thread of love.
Family is Forever.

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letsreadtogether said...

I couldn't have said it any better! You did such a beautiful job! Thank you Val!! I love you!!! I had a great time with you guys and enjoyed spending the day with you and the family in Phili and our "rock band jam session" :) We had a wonderful time together and made more memories. I just wish it was under different circumstances! We love you very much!! Love, Kath and Kel