Aug 9, 2009

The Go Big Tour

I've been watching the Atlanta Race Shop guys on the Go Big Tour (the Trans America Trail) and have been wishing I had done such a thing once upon a time. Then I was wishing I had just gone in the support truck and covered the ride for them with blogs and tweets since I no longer have a bike on which to ride. Now they've got me watching for Husaberg's 2010 releases and thinking all kinds of motorcycle thoughts. And I remembered my first bike, a Honda 50 which Aunt Joyce attempted to ride and it bucked like a bronco..... sweet. But mostly I remember my second bike, a Suzuki 75 two-stroke, 17" wheel on the front, 15" on the back..... er.. something like that.
... and if you're lookin' at the stinkin' shorts and knee socks, you're knowin' I had burns all over my legs for about 3 years, but it was worth it, man, to wear the shorts (they matched the bike). Motocross was still pretty young back then; Enduros were using mostly the 50cc and 75cc's. I had never heard of either term, I just knew I liked to ride my bike in the shale pit and on an abandoned baseball diamond with Julie hanging off the back and Lisa and Matt racing alongside.
My very next bike came almost 20 years later and looked a little something like this:
"Short N Sassy"
Ain't she a beaut? Doug found her for me all wrecked, abused and lonely. She went to court-appointed rehab in his shop and came out purring like a kitten. But when Tom took her to Charleston one morning, driving off in the mist with his 200 lbs in a leather jacket, oozing off a pink bike that's screaming "Short N Sassy!" well..... I figured it was time for a paint job.
Thomas Love dug out his painting gear and changed her to teal and white and she looked a little something like this:

(Why dadgum if that isn't Cousin David to the far left, head bowed, in a blue jacket!)
I rode that sweet little bike to and from work for a year or two, taking Tommy to football practice on it now and again. It was great fun. But in the short time I had it, several guys, excellent, experienced riders in our small town were hit and killed in several different accidents. I decided it wasn't a safe place for a mom with three small children and I sold the bike. No regrets. (until the Go Big Tour came along)


Mom said...

I'm so sorry I wrecked that motorcycle Val but if it may have saved your life it was worth it! I wear my scar proudly.

marj said...

who is in the tree?
and whyyy?

Poof said...

I think it's cousin Jerry in the tree, but I can't say why. And why is Steve H looking off into the distance? He looks.... majestic. Mysterious? Contemplative.... what's the word?