Mar 6, 2010

Blogging Basics: Vlogging, Part II

This is part two of a three part series about video blogging, information I gathered from Blissdom '10 Conference. Speakers are credited and linked at the end. Disclaimer: While I learned all these nice tips, I sure haven't put them into practice yet. Don't let my vlogging skills prevent you from benefitting from the following advice.

8 rules to vlog by:

  1. Plan ahead: use notes or an outline to stay on point. Practice a few times.

  2. Keep the camera steady.

    • If you pan around, it will look like a bad home video (it's first sign of a low quality video)
    • use a tripod or lean against something.
    • too much motion makes footage unwatchable
  3. Audio can make or break you – use an external mic (lapel mic less than $50 if your camera has capability for it) flip doesn't have it - be within 5' of the camera if you have no mic. Make sure the room isn't empty, empty rooms echo.

  4. Pay attention to lighting - use natural daylight when possible. Set up lights if needed, make sure its not blinding you or creating creepy shadows. Make sure light is towards your face, dont' be back lit with light behind you causing you to become a shadow. Inside? Be close to windows.

  5. Location, location! - don't go up against a blank wall. Put something interesting behind you. Declutter the background! Change it up, don't have the same background for each video, use a green screen – get permission for photos you put up though.

  6. Show or demonstrate what you are saying – cut to relevant footage or photos, use props. This keeps people's attention.

  7. Be yourself. Pretend the camera is a friend you like to gossip with, look up slightly, it's more flattering. Enhance emotional response – show lots of energy and passion (pick topics you have passion for and it'll show) . Have your husband/friend view and critque – does the video convey the real me? You want to sell yourself, not a fake image.

  8. Keep it short. The sweet spot for attention is 2 minutes.

By the way, if you're like me and Not camera ready? Use voice over, film someone else, do a slideshow or stop motion, video screen captures (you can even interview via skype by using a program to record the video conversation – there are a couple of options about $15)

This is the
second of a three part series on Vlogging, lessons I learned at the Blissdom Conference in a session brought by the following: Esther Crawford @faintstarlite, Audrey McClelland @AudreyMcClellan, Jo-Lynne Shane@dcrmom, Danielle Smith @ExtraordMommy,@jendisjournal Jendi Pagano

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