Mar 7, 2010

Blogging Basics: Vlogging Part III

The final part in my series on vlogging is short and sweet, the web's biggest kept secret: the best and easiest way to improve your videos is through Angles.

The 5 basic angles:

  1. Close up action shot – Answers the question of What is going on?
  2. Face Shot – Answers the question of Who is that?

  3. Wide Angle Shot – answers the question of Where is this happening?

  4. Over the Shoulder Shot – answers the question of What does this person see?

  5. Side Shot (a close version of wide angle shot) – answers the question of Is there anything else going on?

And that's it, my friends. A few simple and easy steps for Vlogging. Now grab a coffee and start planning your first video blog. Then link me to it, I wanna see!

Huge, huge thanks to the speakers at the Blissdom Wisdom Workshop:

This is the
third of a three part series on Vlogging, lessons I learned at the Blissdom Conference in a session brought by the following: Esther Crawford @faintstarlite, Audrey McClelland @AudreyMcClellan, Jo-Lynne Shane@dcrmom, Danielle Smith @ExtraordMommy,@jendisjournal Jendi Pagano

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