Mar 8, 2010

This Just In: Handy Tip #232

Thanks to an alert reader for sending this in.
As I age, plan out my retirement and living off social security, like most old folks, I get more frugal. I have a growing dismay over not being able to get every last crumb out of the potato chip bag. An alert reader sent me an Old Geazer chart that defined those crumbs as "micro chips:"

"Yes, exactly!" I said, "I need to get those micro-chips, they could save me a lot of money." She was quick to respond to my need with the following helpful hint:

  • Take one pair of scissors
  • Cut down the sides of the bag
  • Lick what is left in the bag bottom

Oh, she's good.


driftwood said...

I think that alert reader is a fantastic smart person who has the ability to think quickly and to get there thoughts down on paper in a way which us common folks can comprehend easily.

Love the RSP of the Day but you should have mentioned that your Uncle Doug is the handsome guy on the left.

Mom said...

I learn so much on here! You're a nut Val. Love the pic of the day, what happened to those two "handsome" fellows?!