Jun 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

What is a dad? "...walkin' around in a big overcoat having kids being scared of me and all that stuff..."
Today, Father's Day, many of us will be taking a walk down Memory Lane. You know from my previous posts, I love Memory Lane. I'm so thankful to my parents and grandparents for the life they provided, it often makes me homesick for the old days.
Happy Father's Day, dad, you might not have "shot things in Africa or saved anybody who was drowning, but that's alright with me because you will use up a whole Satuday to make junk with me in the garage."

"Gee, Dad, I wish that growing up was the neatest thing that could happen to a guy."
"Growing up is a pretty neat thing, Beaver, if you really grow up. And it's alright to look back on the good times you had. The only thing is, when you try to re-live them, somehow they're never quite as good the second time around."
Listen in for Beaver's response.

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Anonymous said...

Happy fathers day to all u fathers out there!!