Jun 19, 2010

TroutU: Fish Smarter

I never completed my Bachelors degree, left USC after my Junior year. Now, in my late 40s, when I think about going back to school, this is what I think about, another one of Broadstreet Consulting's Pet Projects:

Trout University

The TroutU site, Facebook and Twitter has a lot to offer, but today, class, I want to focus on their Stream Reviews. TroutU offers outstanding information with insider tips on
over 200 streams in the U.S. The stream reviews include:

  • which flies to use
  • stream accessability
  • stream productivity
  • local licensing regulations
  • gps coordinates and maps

Currently, TroutU reviews streams in the following areas:

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mtns. National Park has over 2, 115 miles
of free flowing streams and we’ve fished a large portion of that. GSMNP is our
playground. Our review of the GSMNP features 12 streams and links to our blogs
about the park, trail maps and local fishing regulations.
Yellowstone National Park

Our review of Yellowstone features 11 streams as of Spring 2010 and includes google maps, a trail directory, and fishing regulations.
Southeastern US
TroutU reviews 18 streams on the SoutheasternUS page with a
link to our blog about the NC Trout Fishing Corridor, google maps and a link to
helpful information on using google maps.
Northeastern US

TroutU currently (as of Spring ’10) offers a review of only
4 streams in the Northeast, all in Pennsylvania. TroutU is eagerly improving
this page and anticipating some wonderful Summer and Fall fishing trips to
report back on. Stay tuned. And be sure to recommend your favorites – leave us
a note on Facebook or Twitter.

TroutU’s Streams Tab also has information on the basic
definition of streams: Freestone, Spring and Tailwaters. TroutU offers some
very helpful classes on streams, too:

TroutU Class 1025 Freestone Creeks, Spring Creeks and Tailwaters

TroutU Class 427 Fly Fishing Good Trout Streams vs. Poor Trout Streams

As always, all of Trout University’s online classes are
free of charge. TroutU also offers many DVDs for

Fish Smarter


Anonymous said...

Very nice set-up,when can I join?

Poof said...

You can go over there and take classes anytime you want. It's ready and waiting for you.